Here are some common questions that are available for review.

Our working model?

Based on the network remote, accepting the network conference and the resident consultation mode, our team has worked together for more than 6 years and explored a complete set of work processes, which is sufficient for quality and quantity to complete various tasks.

Our work attitude?

Re-contract, keep promises, and be fair: in the work boundary defined by the contract, the quality and quantity to complete the task, against opportunistic, cut corners, perfunctory, frivolous, negligent, untrustworthy, against large packages, excessive commitment, deep Desperate customers as teachers, respect colleagues as teachers, imaginatively learn from customers, learn from colleagues, oppose self-righteousness, condescending, arrogant, strictly guarding customers' business secrets, and opposing improper or rash use of confidential information.

Our pricing?

We don't want to solve all the problems of the company with a set of solutions. This is unrealistic, so each plan is unique. The price depends on the difficulty of the work and the workload, so we need to contact us directly.