Commercial art design

  • Corporate VI Design / Poster / Brochure
  • Business/speech PPT design beautification

Creative planning

  • Creative copy/propaganda copy/advocacy strategy
  • Company planning product communication marketing plan

Technology development

  • Internet / Smart Hardware Solutions
  • Website / Mobile Internet / Blockchain Technology Development

Business Consulting

  • Internet Products / Business Incubation / Development Planning
  • Financing (Venture Capital) consultant

Program customization service

We firmly believe that each enterprise is an independent individual, adopting different strategies for different enterprises, and seamlessly connecting the design and implementation operations.

Original business analysis model

Not only provide consulting reports, but also need to assist customers to complete their own thinking, assist customers with endogenous professional knowledge and ability, and take into account the three major efficiencies: structural efficiency + operational efficiency + innovation efficiency.

Focus on business consulting services in the Chinese mainland market (if your product/company wants to enter mainland China, I believe that it is necessary for you to choose us)


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