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New fast-moving consumer goods brand in the Internet age


Timorich is an Internet FMCG brand with its own food research and development technology. Timo is from American slang. It is a shorthand for "timothy". The original meaning is "grass", which means "people or things that everyone likes". Rich is rich. Meaning, our team strives to recommend the colorful products of the earth corner to our users after strict selection, and hopes that our products will be liked by everyone. This is the source of “Timorich”. The company is founded by a group of young people with a healthy and safe food concept. The company is determined to conduct global mining and cooperation on safe and healthy food products in the era of consumption and upgrading of the Internet.

Blockchain technology and application media is the media platform for blockchain technology and application research in Canada. The content is locked in the technical direction of the blockchain, social impact, and government-related policy development, including the commercial and government applications not limited to financial and blockchain technologies. For end-user applications, its core user base will focus on technology developers, global investors and regulators, and blockchain technology followers.

Technology development

Malaysia Smart Travel Platform

Smart tourism platform

The front-end part of the Smart Tourism Platform of the Malaysian National Tourism Administration is designed to build the entire system user access interface, including the mobile terminal, the web page, the installation version and the WeChat applet entry. User roles are tourists, businesses.

Oil industry blockchain solution

Concourse Petroleum Token(CPTO)

Concourse Petroleum Token aims to improve the production relationship of the existing petroleum industry and build a trustworthy, efficient and transparent blockchain platform for investment in the global oil industry by using the blockchain technology system. It is a pass-through economy in the traditional petroleum industry. The solution can be easily extended to other natural mineral resources (such as water, metallic mineral resources, etc.) in the future.

Canadian equity investment and financing information platform—The Canadian Equity Investment and Financing Information Platform is committed to using the Internet tools to build a Canadian Chinese investment environment. Under a diversified structure, it attracts investors/companies with transparent and open information on quality projects, mainly Chinese (including mainland China companies). Asset allocation, and thereby improve the entrepreneurial investment environment of Chinese in Canada.