The greatest grand ceremony of an organization, a person, in his youth, is to find his own living mission and outline a blueprint for lifelong struggle.

Hewlett-Packard HP founder William Hewlett said: "Reviewing the hard work of my life, I am most proud of creating a company that has a profound influence on the way companies manage around the world with values, methods and achievements; I am particularly proud. Yes, I have left an organization that can continue to operate and can continue to be a model for a long time after I have been a hundred years.
"What kind of business is enough for all Pard people involved in this cause to feel the happiness and pride of their lives when they look back on their hard work?"
We want to grow with more partners, incubate and build companies/companies/products that are influential.

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The Star-up program is a joint venture between Pard and Zhejiang Jiaxing IGV Industrial Park to encourage overseas young people to carry out cultural and creative business projects. The Hangzhou Game Factory provides seed funding, angel funds and policy docking services.

“Game Factory” is a holding subsidiary of Miqu Technology and is committed to providing the most professional investment and incubation services for game and internet entrepreneurs worldwide.

We look forward to working with Chinese entrepreneurs, investors, governments and companies around the world to create a good environment for entrepreneurial entrepreneurship in China and to foster world-class entrepreneurial parks.

Jiaxing Mishuo Equity Investment Fund Partnership, referred to as Mishu Fund, was initiated by Miqu Technology Group and Zhejiang Financial Holding Group. Fund model: government + industry + leading enterprises + capital; management methods: Hangzhou Mishuo Investment and Zhejiang Jinkong Capital dual GP management; investment areas: games, e-sports, AR / VR, IP, other pan-entertainment; fund size: 2.5 100 million yuan.

The Mishuo Fund was established in June 2016 with an investment direction in the pan-entertainment industry, which was established to realize the layout of the overall Miqu industry eco-chain. Since the fund was established half a year ago, the investment projects involved upstream CP game content industry, downstream e-sports industry and Internet digital marketing channels. A total of ten high-quality projects were counted, and the pan-entertainment industry ecosystem was gradually improved. At present, the MSI Fund has completed a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan and achieved excellent returns.